The best way to get Discount Movie Tickets


First of all, we all know how expensive it can be to go to the movies. By the time it’s all said and done, even after a single ticket purchase, and popcorn and soda to help enhance the experience, you walk out paying somewhere in the vicinity of $25. FOR A SINGLE PERSON. Let’s not talk about date prices because they’re darn near double.

Now there are different ways of getting discount tickets besides going to the movies on certain days or during matinee times that the theaters set aside (basically when no one goes). There’s online places like Craigslist, eBay and iOffer but your either bidding and waiting for an auction to end or being cheated by some shyster. There are businesses out there that buy tickets for their employees as an incentive program and some even allow you to buy through them. But these companies are few and far between and if you’re not an employee or know someone who is, then you’re s#!¥ outta luck like the rest of us. There’s also Dealflicks which is free to download but they have limited reach. Their discount theaters are smaller ones and their nearest location to us is over 300 miles away. We here at MoJoBac are providing a solution for this dilemma.

MoJoBac has decided to start our own MOBILE MOVIE CLUB. A movie club with access to the largest theaters such as AMC, Carmike, Cinemark and Regal theaters. What’s a Mobile Movie Club or MMC you ask? It’s a mobile App that smartphone/tablet users can download for a one time fee (preferably $9.99) that makes them a lifetime member with access to discount movie tickets up to 30% off (typically about $3 saved per ticket). And it doesn’t stop there. We will implement combo deals for tickets and concession and hopefully IMAX tickets as well. There will be contest for free tickets and Showtimes, reviews, trailers, photos and more. Not only will you not have to haggle with auctions anymore, but you can purchase anywhere from 1-5 tickets at a time saving you 15 bucks of the back. And you can do this anytime you like or need.

How it works and why we will be able to do this. The big boy box office theaters all offer discount tickets if you buy them in bulk. The majority make you purchase 50 or more and in increments of 10 thereafter. Carmike makes you start with 100 and in increments of 10 after that. We will purchase all the tickets in advance and give only our members access to buy them at those discounted prices.

Now our App is in place and after some restructuring, we are now in the works to obtain the necessary funds to stock inventory. We have launched a crowd funding campaign on Crowd funding allows any individual to contribute funds to a project or campaign and in return receive rewards or perks for doing so. For our campaign, we are allowing anyone who contributes $1 or more, to have access to download the MoJoBac XS App for FREE and become a lifetime member. This is because if the campaign is a success, it’s because of individuals like yourself that it is so. We are campaigning for $4,500 and that will allow us to purchase the tickets in bulk from all (4) major theaters (which also cover over 1600 locations). When the campaign ends on June 7th 2014, we will make the purchases and give our contributors the links to download the Apps for Android and Apple mobile products for free. Anyone outside the campaign will have to pay the full download/membership price of $9.99.
Here’s a link to our Indiegogo campaign. Going here and contributing using paypal or credit card (all secure), will get you access to discount movie tickets when we launch in June.

Thank you for reading and for those who contribute and we’ll see you at the movies.

Don Ray J


Ten tips to get the most out of your new Chromecast

Thought this would be an interesting post to reblog since MoJoBac will be giving away several as prizes here pretty soon


So you got yourself a Chromecast, either as an early holiday gift, or you just bought it for yourself. You unpacked it, installed it, watched a bit of Netflix (S NFLX) or YouTube, (S GOOG) and now you are wondering: What else can I do with this?

A lot, actually. Chromecast offers access to media through a growing list of apps (14 at the time of writing), and there are a whole bunch of neat ways to get additional functionality out of the device. We’ve compiled ten of the best Chromecast tips and tricks below:

1. Turn on your TV from your mobile device

One of the coolest things about Chromecast is that it can turn on your TV, and even change to the right HDMI input, when you start casting music or videos from your mobile device — no TV remote required. That’s because Chromecast uses a little-known…

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New Look for MoJo App


New Look for MoJo App

Bac with the App with Paybac and a cleaner less clogged interface.
We tore down the walls and rebuilt most of the app. We left a few things intact but for the most part, we’ve gotten great reviews over the cleanliness of the app. Not as bogged down by image uploads like other image apps and ours gets straight to the meat and potatoes of what we built the app for in the first place. To pay our audience for uploading their photos with us and sharing. Plain and simple, simple and plain. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing what they were already doing for free anyhow?
The Black Hills has never looked so classy.

– MoJoBac President Don Ray J

MoJoBac and Beats by Dre with $1000 in cash given to our fans

This is it Fans. MoJoBac, the app with Paybac is nearing completion of our smartphone app for Apple, Android and Windows. Before we launch, we would like ‘YOU’ our social community to help us broaden our audience to share in this one of… a kind experience. We are looking for our first 100 fans on our Facebook Fan Page. And because it is ‘You’, the community of Fans who will make us a success, we are looking to get in motion what MoJoBac was created for in the first place. TO GIVE BACK!! So this is how it will work to get us kicking in the right direction. When you ‘SHARE’ this post and enough friends and family go to our Fan Page and click ‘Like’ to help us reach our first 100 fans, we are giving away a FREE pair of Beats by Dre Solo Series (purple or white edition, your choice) a retail value of $179.95 (BRAND NEW IN BOX). Guess what? It doesn’t stop there. When we reach ‘500’ Fans we will give away another set of Solo Beats. And it doesn’t stop there either. When we reach 1000 ‘Likes’ of Fans on our Facebook Page, we will be dropping $1000 cash money into a crowd of fans on launch day. When we hit a ‘1000’ Fans, we’ll give a $1000. Simple as that. (Date, time and location of Cash Drop will be given out via MoJoBac App) Click like on our page and share the grand news via ( Search MoJoBac or MoJoBac staff )
If you don’t believe US, try US. If we don’t come through, unfriend US! WE KEEP IT SIMPLE The more you share, the faster we’ll get there, the faster we will make it rain in dollar bills ya’ll. Winners will be randomly selected from our Fans list and posted via our Facebook, Twitter, WordPress Blog and Pinterest. After winners are announced we will contact you for mailing directions and YOU can post pictures of you with you brand new Beats from MoJoBac!
From the app with Paybac! MoJo’s Got Your Bac!
– MoJoBac StaffSee More