MoJoBac, the app with paybac! Its your media, why not be rewarded for it!

Today is Mojobac’s very first blog post. And on this day I beg this question. It’s my media, why aren’t I compensated for it? Everywhere you look there is a new media website that allows us to share our photo’s and video’s and other such media and together as a community at arms with said media, we post to these sites without thinking about us. We. You. The community. The people who make these sites function. I wasn’t thinking I should be given cash for my photo’s I posted feverishly on my favorite site(s) (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc…) I just thought, wouldn’t it be nice if they actually thought of us on a daily instead of just during some contest or when they decide to give away some donated gift (donated to them, given to us) in an attempt to gain or keep our loyalty. And guess what,… it works. Not to mention the fact that we also have to pay to advertise on these sites and that’s just the norm.

This whole thought process was conjured up when one day I was playing Call of Duty MW3 and as usual on the screen after a kickass round of bullet flare, it lets me know I have unlocked another perk and that I have added some more Achievement Points. Well I began to look at this tally of AP’s and wonder, what good are these achievement points if I can’t use them for something. It’s fine and dandy for me to show how big my sack is by the amount of points I have gained over time. But lets face it, besides bragging rights (which no one really cares about) I really don’t care how many AP’s I have. I can’t spend them on anything. Same thing for Playstation’s online network. Point’s for the sake of having points and they don’t measure anything for leader boards (at least not that I know of). This event eventually led to my opening question on why none of the social networking media sites offer some type of reward system or something of the sort. For all the traffic we bring them on a daily with our posting of humorous sayings, lifestyle photo’s and blooper video’s.

I do appreciate the outlet and digital space in which you let me sign up and create a profile and communicate with my family and friends, but come on, this has been going on forever since most of us had a Bebo, Hi5 or Myspace account. And not once has anyone garnered the balls to offer its community some type of everyday rewards system for all the traffic we provide.

I do understand that Rippln ( a new community application launching supposedly soon ) has an incentive program that they want to implement, but it’s a bit different than what I had in mind. I applaud them for putting together such a means for wanting to get us as a community rewarded for app sharing and other such media by allowing us to track the people we’ve connected through the applications we use on the daily.

Let me now give you a taste of what I have in mind for an incentivize program that looks out after us, like we look after these social sites without any avail to ourselves.

I am putting together my own site and application. One that appreciates the community that build’s it. A rewards system is being put in place that will reward its community on a daily basis for participating with MoJoBac. Until the kinks are worked out, we would like you to take a look at our category listings. Categories such as Netchix (for all of the lovely gamer ladies, coders, geeks and nerds alike). What Happens in Vegas, Ends up here (pretty much what you think. We want those precise digital frames and we’ll reward you handsomely for them). Anime Anatomy (we love our CosPlay and we want to see what you’ve put together and share it with our community). Heroes and Villians (with the popularity of comic book movies and me being the geek I am about them most of my life, we would like to see your drawings, outfits and other such items that deal with the subject matter). Lego Heroes (If you haven’t seen the awesome stuff people are doing with these tiny blocks of imagination, I pray you hit up YouTube and search the word Lego’s). Friday, My 2nd Favorite ‘F’ Word (this category is for your best footage and frame work captured on smart cam and other devices. Random is the best word for this). Get Active (Its summer time, get out, stay active and send us media). Bloodorks (for all of the vampire fans out there, send us your best impersonation photo/video of your favorite character from whatever form of media they’re from)

Above are just a few of the categories we have in place before our official launch and we are accepting any photos and videos you would like to donate to the cause.

For now, you can send photos to emails and Let us know what category you are submitting for and we will post them here on our blog and Facebook. We are finishing the rewards system now and will keep you updated.

Don’t get me wrong, we have nothing against said above websites and such, in fact we use a majority of them and will continue to do so. We just think it’s time to give Bac.

Until next time,

Supra DJ signing off.

MoJoBac’s Got Your Bac