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I wanted to take this moment to post some example photos of what we are looking for. Also, for the interest of community staying close and tight, we like to code our photo postings with the area code in which you reside and/or using what we call the Mojo-code. The Mojo-code consist of our abbreviation of MoJoBac (MJB) and then utilizing your states initials (for ex. South Dakota is SD). So the Mojo-code would be MJBSD. Post either of these codes on the photos you submit in order to represent your area.
Ex. 20130606-220905.jpg MoJoBac ex. submission
The lady Jane Famous is representing her state of Nebraska using the area code 308 and Mojo-code MJBND.

Bloodorks (fans of vampire anything)

Friday, My 2nd Favorite ‘F’ Word Random photos to amp up yours and our weekend

This category is reserved for the wonderful gamer ladies, sexy teachers and librarians and geek gals. Show us what you got.

These are just a couple of examples with more to come. Once again, our emails are and
We thank you in advance for you participation and for reading and viewing our blog

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Supra DJ