Ten tips to get the most out of your new Chromecast

Thought this would be an interesting post to reblog since MoJoBac will be giving away several as prizes here pretty soon


So you got yourself a Chromecast, either as an early holiday gift, or you just bought it for yourself. You unpacked it, installed it, watched a bit of Netflix (S NFLX) or YouTube, (S GOOG) and now you are wondering: What else can I do with this?

A lot, actually. Chromecast offers access to media through a growing list of apps (14 at the time of writing), and there are a whole bunch of neat ways to get additional functionality out of the device. We’ve compiled ten of the best Chromecast tips and tricks below:

1. Turn on your TV from your mobile device

One of the coolest things about Chromecast is that it can turn on your TV, and even change to the right HDMI input, when you start casting music or videos from your mobile device — no TV remote required. That’s because Chromecast uses a little-known…

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