The Epic-ness of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As always when I go into a movie, I try to go in unbiased and not try to based my opinions of the movie from what I’ve seen in the trailers I’m overloaded with before the movies debut. With Captain America TWS, I did just that. And boy oh boy was I treated with stimulating visuals, awesome story line, character development, great battle scenes and a step up on choreography against even the best of the best brawler movies such as The Born Identity series and others.

I’m a no spoilers kind of critic because I like to let people get their own fresh experience on the viewing without influence from outside parties. So needless to say, this review will contain no such thing as a spoiler (references to an experience that will take away and/or steal the over all feel of a first timers experience).

The sheer epic-ness that awaits you if you have not seen the movie brought to you by the Russo brothers will give you an emotional connection that none of the other Marvel films, even the Avengers, have been able to attain. I felt even the transitioning in and out of every situation moved along smoothly. The movie never left me feeling like I needed more even though I would have gladly taken more.

Chris Evans and the rest of the cast have graciously moved into their characters with great vigor with help from the formula of the screenplay. The directors really show off Cap’s power in this film and you feel it. Much kudos for the choice of Anthony Mackie in the role of Sam Wilson aka Falcon. A much needed counterpart for ole Cap to have on his side with welcome and subtle humor. Not over the top and just right for the environment. Scarlett Johansson’s role as a S.H.E.I.LD. Agent and Cap’s friend has turned into something of a bitter and sweet kinship that’s often hard to pull off on screen. Performances are performances, but relationships outside of what’s happening on camera is definitely showing up on screen here. They’ve been friends for quite some time since 2004’s The Perfect Score and I appreciate the level of intrigue the script allowed to have the Black Widows character earn Cap’s trust throughout the process of the movie. Samuel’s character Nick Fury had more to do this round as far as action goes and it’s a welcomed surprise and a highlight of the movie.

Let’s get down to the villain and how he kept me on edge. Not only was The Winter Soldier a match for Cap as far as brawling, military tactics and sure pleasure of badassness, but I loved the style in which his character keeps coming until the job is done. He never lets up and as an experience fighter back in my days who when on the attack, never lets up, I appreciated the rawness of it all.

I want to keep this review shorter than my adrenaline level and leave you with this. I think CATWS is better than the Avengers and maybe better than the Dark Knight. Maybe. I did catch an early screening of the movie and watched it again opening night. Then once again this past Sunday before I came to those conclusions. I’m very movie centric and weigh even my words carefully before print. Either way, no matter how you look at it. The fact that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is even in conversations as to what comic book movie is the best including it along with The Avengers and The Dark Knight speaks well in its favor. I would also like to give a huge thanks to Kevin Fiege and the direction he’s gone with the MCU. I’m a fan for life.